Can You Really Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar?
By Nick Siegal

The answer to this question is yes. However, you need to remember that teaching yourself to play guitar is broken down into two categories. For instance, some people have a natural ability to learn to play instruments. These individuals can listen to a song on the radio, sit down with a guitar, and simply learn. However, the majority of people learn by watching, which is why sales for guitar-learning DVDs are on the rise.

The bottom line is that it is very possible to teach yourself how to play guitar but the key to your success will begin in understanding how you learn. If you are in the first category of being able to hear and then replicate great, but if you need some type of visual aid, you need to consider buying a good DVD for assistance. Remember, using some type of learning aid is not cheating, only enhancing.

If you want to play for personally enjoyment or to entertain friends and family, it is possible to teach yourself how to play guitar but you need to choose the right method. If you have never played before and want to use a DVD or even some type of instructional book or CD, then make sure you choose something geared toward a beginner. On the other hand, if you have some experience but want to build on your current skill, then you need aid that is more advanced.

Many professional guitarists have asked themselves the same question "Is it possible to teach yourself how to play guitar?" For some of these individuals, they have built lucrative careers based on self-taught guitar but some have gone on to take lessons or use a variety of teaching aids. Regardless, going the self-taught way offers a number of benefits in that you can learn to play at your pace but also using a method that works for you.

Just remember, when asking, "Is it possible to teach yourself how to play guitar", be realistic about your natural ability. If you do not have a natural ear for learning, there is nothing wrong with that. Therefore, pay attention to what you have to work with, understanding that we all have different abilities and ways of learning.

In teaching yourself how to play guitar, you also need to be fair to yourself on what you will and will not learn immediately. In other words, if you are expecting that you will sit down and within one hour be playing like Eric Clapton, it will not happen. Even if you have a natural ability for playing the guitar, it is going to take you time and hard work to hone your skill. Instead, you want to enjoy each learning session while not putting too much pressure on yourself to learn.

The bottom line, "Is it possible to teach yourself how to play guitar" - YES but be patient, choose the right type of guitar and music, and if necessary, use any number of quality learning aids now on the market. Before long, you will be playing beautiful music while having the gratification that you did much of the teaching on your own.

Nick Siegal is a professional guitarist and has been a private guitar instructor for over 15 years. To read his own in-depth Guitar Learning Software Reviews, head over to his site at You can see video reviews of all the popular guitar programs and also grab some cool free guitar software while you're there.

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